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Krystol Chang

My running history: "I began running in 2011 after I had my fourth child to try and lose weight. I trained for my first race, the Cleveland 10K, completely on my own. That race made me feel like I could do anything and opened the doors to many more achievements."

Favorite race: "The Columbus Half Marathon. So many people fanning, a great course and my quickest race so far. I also really enjoy running trail races with a team!"

Why I work at Fleet Feet: "It's my dream job! It gives me everything I was looking for in a career. It allows me to balance home, family and running as well as meeting amazing and inspiring people! I also love learning about customers. How they started, why they run, the races they are training for is all so inspiring to me."

Fun fact: "Don't let the tattoos fool you! I love to listen to Hall and Oates and Lionel Richie on my long runs! Also, I prefer doughnuts over bagels."

Sarah Trask 

My running history: "I have run 7 Marathons, 2 50Ks, and 1 50 mile race."

Favorite race: "My favorite race ever was the Moebius 50K in 2014.  It was my first Ultra and I will never forget it!"

Why I work at Fleet Feet: "I came to work at Fleet Feet because I needed a positive and lasting change in my life. I needed to feel like I was giving back to my community and doing something positive for myself and others. I found that and so much more. 

My favorite part of working here is seeing the impact that our team makes on a daily basis. This could be anything from a positive experience on the fit bench ('Wow, I can run/walk with no pain in this shoe!') to hearing that I changed a life through our No Boundaries 5K and 10K programs.  If you work hard and look close enough, this happens every singe day."

Fun fact: "I played the role of a donkey in Pinocchio when I was 10."

Mark Zickefoose

My running history: "I've run 9 marathons and 1 ultra marathon."

Favorite race: "Doing the Turkey Trot with my family every year!"

Why I work at Fleet Feet: "I love helping customers get the right gear for their training. It has been 10 years since I first went into a running store and I still remember the shoe I purchased and the guy who helped me. I also love getting to see all the new gear. :)"

Fun fact: "I am a happy father of 2 awesome girls!" 




Stacey Baron

My running history: "I was a graduate assistant for Central Michigan University's track & field program and a high school coach at Midland-Dow High School for two years. I now coach at Ursuline College. I enjoy running the half and full marathon distances, but will get down with a charity 5K any day! My goal is to complete a marathon in all 50 states eventually. The Cleveland Marathon was my #7!"

Favorite race: "Either the Las Vegas marathon or Aspen Colorado marathon. Love doing the Ragnar relay races with friends too.  Those are the best!"

Why I work at Fleet Feet: "I came to work for Fleet Feet because I love how running has impacted my life as an individual and I love sharing that passion with people who are interested in pursuing/already are runners."

Fun fact: "My birthday is on Christmas!"


Jake Whisler

My running history: "I ran my first 5k when I was 10 years old and have been running ever since.  I ran in middle school and high school for Ashland Middle/High school."

Favorite race: "The Spirit of Gettysburg 5k in Gettysburg, PA!"

Why I work at Fleet Feet: "I love running, and working at a running store is something that I have always wanted to do. My favorite part of working here is getting to hear about different people's experiences with running and what their future plans are. Everybody's story is different."

Fun fact: "I'm a thrill seeker. I've been skydiving twice!"

Jake Sherer

My running history: "I've been running for the past 7 years. Recently, I just finished up my collegiate running career at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. I was mainly a middle distance runner and loved running the 800. I loved putting in long miles with my teammates!"

Why I work at Fleet Feet: "I came to work at Fleet Feet because I always got all my running shoes and apparel from Fleet Feet before I worked here. I loved talking running with the workers and I wanted the opportunity to do that with other people. My favorite part of working here is talking training with people that come in, giving out advice, and seeing the passion people have for running."

Fun fact: "After this summer I will be going out to Utah for grad school for a degree in athletic training."

Kat Sutfin

My running history: "I started running 4 years ago on a journey to lose weight. I managed to lose 93 lbs and was hooked in the process. I heard about Fleet Feet through a wellness program at work and trained with More Miles for the Cleveland Half Marathon last year. Now I love being the 5K coach and helping people get through the toughest part of running -- just getting started."

Favorite race: "The most fun run I ever did was the Hermes 10 Miler. I felt like a rockstar the entire course, and I set a personal best as well."

Why I work at Fleet Feet: "I came to work at Fleet Feet because I didn't get to help anyone at my prior company. Every day I get to put people in the proper gear and hear about how it's made a difference in their training. Working at Fleet Feet motivates me to be a better me. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face knowing I'll get to make a difference in someone's day. 

My favorite part of working at Fleet Feet is that I can be myself. Where else can you have purple hair, wear shorts to work, joke about cats all day, AND win a trip to Ireland?!"

Fun fact: "I own 57 pieces of cat clothing. Also, the way to my heart is through cheesecake and beer." 

Ryan Horvath 

My running history: "I ran cross country and track in high school, spent ten years after that learning how to drink and eat myself to death. I returned to running in 2010 and fell completely back in love with it."

Favorite race: "Warm Up Columbus 2016. I ran well, had a great time and helped a friend PR."

Why I work at Fleet Feet: "Trying to make a living with my degree was killing me and running was my only outlet, so getting a job at a running store made sense. I love getting to help people and being immersed in the industry (and lots of shoes)."

Fun fact: "There's a growing mythology that I am, in fact, a trickster god."


Austin Lewis

My running history: "In 5th grade, I ran my first-ever Turkey Trot 1-mile run. In 6th grade, I came home from school and told my mom I was running track...I ran all through middle school and high school, then decided to leave Florida for Ohio to run for Notre Dame College."

Favorite race: "Ragnar, Miami to Key West. It was me and eleven high schoolers and we had a great time!"

Why I work at Fleet Feet: "I wanted to be involved in this sport outside of college and this is a great environment to work in. I love helping people."

Fun fact: "I grew up a beach bum. I was on the beach in Florida 6 days a week."

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