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Finding "Home"

A spotlight on More Miles member Kelly Pezley: "I didn’t start running regularly until after college. I was a young professional living in a new city without knowing anyone and I turned to running to fill a void in my life I couldn’t fill." READ MORE >


See Ya, Summer

The summer has been a rough one, especially for those trying to log some miles.Don't get us wrong, summer is great, but there are just some things we will be happy to say goodbye to for now. READ MORE >


Seen On My Run: The Best Views in Cleveland

Let’s face it. We’re spoiled. We asked you your favorites and we were overwhelmed with the responses. So without further ado, here is our list, some well known and some hidden gems.  READ MORE > 


Things They Don't Tell You Before Your First Race

Most of us step up to our first starting line a little, naïve. There’s some things we think you should know before you get there.  READ MORE >


5 Tips for Your Best Cleveland Marathon (or Half) EVER

As they say, “the hay is in the barn.” Here's what we think you need to know to have a stress-free, BEST CLEVELAND EVER.  READ MORE >

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