See Ya, Summer!

Things We Won't Miss About Summer Running

The summer has been a rough one, especially for those trying to log some miles. The good news is the summer days are behind us (at least that's what the seasons say). Bring on the cool temps, colorful leaves, longsleeves and post-run warm goodies. Don't get us wrong, summer is great, but there are just some things we will be happy to say goodbye to for now.

#1 - Relentless Heat & NEO Humidity

The resounding answer of things Northeast Ohio runner's won't miss this summer: some form of heat and humidity (or both). There's nothing worse than stepping outside for a run and immediately feeling like you're in a rainforest or trying to breath underwater. Post-run you look like you just jumped in Lake Erie and have a cherry-tomato face that lasts for hours. Dare we say this summer has us wishing for runs where we might even feel cold.

[I won't miss] The hot heat, the unbearable humidity, and the ungodly, revolting, stinky portapotties!  -Cyndi

#2 - Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Unfortunately with summer (and summer humidity) comes creepy, crawling, flying, biting pests. This year we had the pleasure of cicadas infiltrating our parks. Whether you came back from a run with bites, looking like a car windshield after a cross country road trip or fell victim to a rogue bug who took a wrong term (yum?) you probably felt the effects of one buggy summer (we know we did). Thankfully, cooler temps keep the bugs at bay.

Consuming my weight in bugs and getting sweat in my eyes. So classy! -Valerie

#3 - Running is Hard

We know. You're thinking, "running is always hard." And it is. Summer just makes it exceptionally harder. You've probably felt yourself gasping for air, unable to run your goal paces and just crushed by one of your workouts. The heat and humidity definitely take a physical and mental toll on training. From frustration to exhaustion, it's probably hit you AT LEAST once this summer. The good news: those tough miles and workouts only make you stronger and tougher for fall races.

[I won't miss] having the most soul crushing long run ever because of the heat and humidity. -Laura

#4 - The Sweat is Real

And nothing has probably ever been more real. You smell bad, you feel gross and you honestly probably don't look all that great either. You've probably sweat in places you didn't know it was possible to sweat (and it shows). You may have gotten a judgmental side-eye from someone while running your post-run errands because they found out where that weird smell came from. Own the sweat. It just means you worked harder than everyone else.

The dirty looks you get when you need to run into a store after a long, hot run and look and smell like a homeless person. -Tricia

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