fleet feet loves fitnaticsFitnatics are a different breed.

This October, we want to hear from and see all of you Fitnatics – and the people who love you – on Facebook and Instagram! 

DETAILS: Each Tuesday and Friday in October, we’ll post a topic. Tuesday’s topics will be about Fitnatics; Friday’s topics will be about the people who love 'em. The first topic will be posted on Tuesday, Oct. 7.

YOUR MISSION: Respond to that topic with an explanation (and a picture if possible!) that shows your Fitnatic behavior! 

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU: Besides the glory of our Fitnatic fandom? At the end of the month, we'll select four random posters to win Fleet Feet prize packs!

MAKE SURE: Tag Fleet Feet Cleveland and the Fitnatics in your life, using the hashtags #ILoveAFitnatic (if you’re talking about someone in your life) or #ImAFitnatic (if you’re talking about yourself).

  • EXAMPLE: If Tuesday’s Topic is “Pre-Race Ritual,” a response might look like this: I have to lace and re-lace my shoes three times exactly before any race. #ImAFitnatic
  • EXAMPLE: If Friday’s Topic is “Most Committed Spectator,” a response might like look this: I woke up at 3 a.m. to camp out at the finish line of the Cleveland Marathon to see my girlfriend finish her first race. #ILoveAFitnatic   

GOOD LUCK: We can't wait to learn more about our Fitnatic customers and those who love them!

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