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The founders of Janji, Mike and Dave, realized that by producing distinct-looking and high-performance running apparel, Janji could raise awareness and fund relief for the global food and water crisis—a crisis that kills 1 child every 6 seconds and affects nearly 2 billion people around the world.

They knew runners—including themselves—often take for granted the food and water needed to run. Not everyone is so lucky. Now by simply wearing Janji's apparel, runners can help provide the food and water to those in need.

With nearly 1 billion lacking proper food and nearly 2 billion lacking water, many organizations around the world have given money to help those suffering from famines, droughts, and a continual lack of clean water and enough food. Even though these organizations have worked hard to make a difference, not enough has been done. In fact, the problem has only worsened in many regions in the past 10 years.  

Janji has another solutionbring in the runners. Runners are great at taking up causes and supporting them—just look at the thousands of cause-related races around the country!

Instead of putting on races, Janji will take on the global food and water crisis through running apparel that both reflects the high performance need of a runner as well as retains the look of a country that the apparel benefits. With each piece of apparel sold, the running community tangibly gives food or water to those in need, sustainably and systemically.

Together, we runners can give communities hope. Nutrition pushes us forward, every step and every mile. Water is something critical to all of our training and our races. Just like the many communities who lack it each day, we runners know how important good food and clean water is. That’s why we must help those less fortunate.

Janji means “promise” in Malay. As a community, we must make the promise to give people around the world a healthier and better life.

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