Run Fundamentals Clinics

Fleet Feet Sports Cleveland & Athleta

Whether you're a veteran runner or a total beginner, join us at Athleta Beachwood for a series of complimentary clinics to brush up on proper form, injury prevention, nutrition do's and don'ts and recovery strategies.

Sunday, April 23 – Running Fundamentals & Proper Fit

Running’s physical demands on the body can result in injury if you’re not using the proper technique, incorporating strength training, or jumping into a routine too early. At this clinic, our team will equip runners of all abilities with a wide range of knowledge on the biomechanics of running to help you run faster, stronger, and smarter – whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been running for years. 

Our Fit Specialists will also be on hand to provide custom, one-on-one running shoe fittings and a gait analysis to find the perfect match to carry you through your miles!

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Sunday, April 30 – Running Form & Injury Prevention

Join Athleta and the Fleet Feet Sports Cleveland team to learn some key tools to prevent injuries and stay healthy as a runner! We’ll work with a local physical therapist to demonstrate ways to increase your balance and stability, maintain good running form, and maximize the efficiency of your runs to go farther and faster than you ever have before. The Fleet Feet team will provide feedback on each attendee’s running form and suggest areas of improvement to help you reach your full potential as a runner. 

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Sunday, May 7 – Recovery & Nutrition

You don’t quit, and neither should your progress on the road to your running goals! During this clinic, we'll discuss how to eat like a runner to fuel your body before, during and after your workout. We’ll also discuss targeted recovery strategies that you can incorporate into your routine to keep you strong and mobile throughout your training. Whether you’re looking to hit a personal record or training for your first 5K, we’ll show you how to stay healthy for the long run.

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