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The Route

It's about the journey AND the destination.

It's about the journey AND the destination.

What if your whole year of training was planned for you from Day 1? We're bringing Cleveland its first ever yearlong comprehensive training program. Every mile, workout and race mapped out for you, whether you're just starting out or looking to be faster than ever. Don't train alone this year. Join the fastest-growing and most fun (although we might be biased about that part) training group in Cleveland.

We offer "The Route" at three different levels (see below), and it won't be without some serious perks. Let us do the planning -- you just have to do the running.

The Levels:

BEGINNER: Learn More

For those brand-new or newer to running. Begins March 2017. This level is great for beginning runners, walkers and run-walkers.

Goal Races: Spring 5K - Summer 10K - Fall 5K/5 Mile


For those that can comfortably complete a 5K but are looking to take the next step! Begins March 2017.

Goal Races: Spring 10K - Summer 10K - Fall Half Marathon

ADVANCED: Learn More

For those looking to go farther than they have before or finish faster and stronger than the last time. Begins January 2017.

Goal Races: Spring Half Marathon/Full Marathon - Summer 10K - Fall Half Marathon/Full Marathon

The Route - Yearlong Training More Info »

Program Start: January 2017 and March 2017
Program Schedule: Varies based on program level; group runs on Tuesday/Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings
Program Fee: $275 / $300

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